Halfeti: Turkey’s Submerged Village of Myth and Mystery

Anlurfa’s Halfeti area has long been home to a variety of cultures. The region is one of the most popular locations in the district as a hidden paradise. Half of the area was submerged when the Birecik Dam was erected in 2000, and settlements were built in the other half. With a private vehicle, you can travel the Birecik district road to Halfeti, which is close to the Anlurfa bus station.

Best of Halfeti

Numerous activities have begun in the area as a result of the daily increase in tourists. The region beneath the Euphrates River, Halfeti, is known as the “Hidden Paradise” or “Lost City” and is renowned for its stunning natural features. A few activities in the area include tours of Rumkale on the Euphrates River, Savaşan Village, and the Ekem Neighbourhood.

Halfeti Turkey's Submerged Village of Myth and Mystery

The GAP Administration and the Halfeti District Governorate jointly constructed Halfeti Bridge, commonly known as the “Halfeti Strait,” which boasts a stunning river view. The bridge has a significantly distinct ambiance at night because to the lighting.

One of the buildings that has endured with its conjoined shapes is the Barşavma Church, which Yakubi Aziz Barşavma built in the thirteenth century. One of Rumkale’s most impressive structures is the church, which features a variety of cut stones. “Seljuk Inn” is another name for Kantarma Village. Large cut stones make up the inn, which features a courtyard and a closed off area. It is believed that the building dates back to the Middle Ages based on its technical characteristics.

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Another significant structure in the region is the Nerses Church, which Patrick Nerses had built in his honour in the late 12th century. Within the walls lies this church, which served as the Armenians’ place of worship. By taking part in river tours in Halfeti, one can also learn about the region’s history on the water. People particularly enjoy the very distinct pleasure of viewing the Rumkale region from the river.

The black blossoms of the roses are how Halfeti, known for its black rose, gained its name. Some areas of Halfeti are home to the black rose, which is cultivated there as a result of the local climate.

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