Girlevik Waterfall: Nature’s Masterpiece Unveiled

One of the most stunning waterfalls in the world, the Girlevik Waterfall in the alayan town of Erzincan is a popular destination for expats escaping the summer heat. Weekdays saw a rise in activity due to the foreign tourists visiting the waterfall.

There is a huge influx of both domestic and foreign tourists at the Girlevik Waterfall in the Alayan town of Erzincan, which provides a unique vista to its visitors throughout the year. The waterfall in Erzincan, where ice waters from Mount Munzur’s slopes stream from 40 metres up, draws both domestic and foreign tourists with its scenic beauty and refreshing air.

Girlevik Waterfall, which is formed by the convergence of 9 different spring streams and is situated in the town of Kalecik at the foot of Munzur Mountain 35 kilometres from the city centre, offers a distinctive beauty in each season. Residents throng to the Girlevik Waterfall, which is notable for its icy water pouring from 40 metres above ground level and its unmatched natural beauty.

The waterfall, which has an excellent view because of the stalactites created by the majority of the water freezing in winter, presents a different beauty to its guests in summer. Local and international visitors make the most of their time by wandering and picnicking amidst the natural wonders while taking pictures in the stunning scenery.

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Visitors at Girlevik Waterfall comment as follows:

“The waterfall gives a very stunning environment and is entirely natural. This is a necessary stop for us whenever we visit Erzincan and we never leave without making a visit. Due of its coolness and naturalness, it is where we go for family picnics. Everyone is welcome to visit Girlevik Waterfall.”

Tourists from Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, and other cities, as well as those from the districts surrounding Erzincan, frequently visit the waterfall.

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