Feast of Sacrifice Will Boost Tourism in Antalya

When 9 million people make vacation arrangements around the nation for the two days of the Feast of Sacrifice, Antalya receives the greatest attention. With domestic and international visitors, the city’s population of 2 million 688 thousand people will quadruple. Kemer, Kaş, ral, Olympos, Adrasan, Side, Belek, Kundu, Lara, and Alanya will be the most well-liked cities.

Feast of Sacrifice

The nine-day Eid Holiday began last night. The Mediterranean and Aegean beaches were once more vacationers’ top destinations. Antalya in particular is already beginning to fill up. Antalya has a bed capacity of about 650 thousand, and according to Kaan Kaşif Kavalolu, president of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (AKTOB), the occupancy rate during the vacation season has increased to over 90%. Around 300 thousand domestic travellers who book a package tour to Antalya, according to Kavalolu, who also mentioned that 65–70 thousand foreign visitors visit the city every day.

You must have Reservation Beforehand

The total number of beds in Alanya, which has a population of 364 thousand, is 200 thousand. The mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yücel, reported that the number of reservations for the holiday had risen to 90%, adding,

“We anticipate it will reach 100% during the holiday and we assume the facilities will be filled on the Feast of Sacrifice. Our visitors must make reservations in order to visit; otherwise, they can have a lot of trouble finding a place. With second homes, international residents, and day labourers, we anticipate that the district will have 1.5 million people living there. We have made all of our preparations as public institutions and organisations, as local governments, in accordance with this demographic expectation, and we will be on alert with all of our staff.”

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Kas Expects 100 Percent Occupancy

Kemer, which has a population close to 50,000, has a bed capacity of about 120 thousand, of which 110 thousand are occupied, according to Mayor Necati Topalolu. Topalolu stated that even the months of September and October are nearly full, based on his talks with hotel managers, and that:

“We expect the population to be at least 350 thousand during the holiday.” KA Mayor Mutlu Ulutaş stated that the district’s total bed capacity, which includes boutique hotels and villas, exceeds 25,000, and that they anticipate complete occupancy over the holiday.”

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