Evil Eye in Turkey

While visiting Turkey, Wandering around its beauty, you will come to see many… Many Evil Eye beads! those small or big royal blue glass beads with circles in the middle as a shape of a pupil everywhere, they come in various forms as well: Amulet, jewels, home decoration, placed on front doors, and so on, if you happen to be completely stranger to the culture, you will probably ask yourself:   what are those? Why people carry it with them? Wear them even? Well, my friends, those are called EVIL EYES or nazar boncuğu in Turkish.

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Learn The Significance Of the Evil Eye

The evil eye is simply meaning a curse that can cause harm to a person on different degrees of severity, it is deeply embedded in many cultures of the world, according to historians, this myth dates back to 5000 years, it is also mentioned in each holy text of the Abrahamic religions respectively and because of Turkey’s Islamic background, they inherited this belief through Islam, that is why Turkish people use the Nazar boncuğu to protect themselves from Malicious glares, Excessive Praises and compliments that leads to misfortune, according to their belief the evil eye bead work as a negative energy drifter which is directed towards you and it absorbs onto itself, Powerful isn’t it?
Even if devoted religious monotheists condemn this  ‘ritual’ as superstitious and therefore sinful, advising prayers instead or invoking God’s name is considered one of the strongest ways to ward off the Evil Eye  but it still  remain very common in many homes.

Evil Eye,Evil eye beads,Turkey Trip, Turkey Tour


If You Want to Discover More, Take a Trip And  See Cappadocia’s Secret Evil Eye Tree HERE

Superstition or not, we cannot deny the fact that it is now ingrained in their charming culture and it is now part of their tradition, even  popular fashion industries got inspired by it, since then, it became Trendy and more present.  Moreover, some people devoted themselves into making it, so if you haven’t seen it yet, come and discover thousands of handmade glass Turkish evil eye beads, and observe craftsmen striving to explain to you their symbolism, thus you will probably think twice before complimenting a Turkish person next time.

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