Ersizlerdere Natural Park: Pan Parks in Europe

Visitors may find Ersizlerdere Natural Park in the Küre Mountains National Park, which is the only Pan Park in Turkey and ranks as the 13th Pan Park in Europe. There is no need to travel to the Swiss Alps to view the distinctive beauty of fall, according to Mustafa Ayr, president of the Ersizlerdere Development Education and Eco Tourism Association.

Ersizlerdere Natural Park turkey

The Küre Mountains, the only Pan Park in Turkey and the 13th Pan Park in Europe, draw attention with their lush vegetation, flora, and canyons in their forests. They also reflect the distinct beauty of autumn. Visitors to Ersizlerdere village in the Küre district, which is situated at the base of the Küre Mountains and has a high potential for ecotourism, can enjoy all the splendours of the autumn season thanks to the colours that change from green to yellow and brown in the canyons and forested areas.

Istiklal Road National Park is located in the Ersizlerdere Canyon, which gives the Küre Mountains their name and marks the 252nd anniversary of our nation, according to Ersizlerdere Development Education and Eco Tourism Association President Mustafa ar. We are in the region that has been designated as a Natural Park. The various tones of green are visible here. You don’t have to visit the Swiss Alps. Visit Ersizlerdere Canyon to admire the natural splendour of the park. You should come here for a weekend; it’s a spectacular explosion of colour.

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Ersizlerdere Natural Park One of the 13th Pan Parks in Europe

Visitors and guests come to Ersizlerdere Nature Park from many different places. Upon experiencing this view, visitors are astounded by this location. They claim that this place is the only place they can find serenity and rest. Locals like us are thrilled with the visitors. It coordinates nature hikes. 12 kilometres of dirt terrain make up our 12-kilometer walking path. This area extends until Ersizlerdere Canyon from the Peak of Uha. The primroses are responsible for the route’s name. At low elevations, this flower blooms in white, while at higher elevations, in blue. We are strolling peacefully alongside our visitors down this dirt road where primroses on an earthen floor add a pop of colour.

You will go on a nature walk in this area, which has Turkey’s most picturesque autumnal scenery. Your weekend time spent here will inspire you once again. I’d like to invite you to Ersizlerdere Canyon Natural Park so you can escape the stress of the city.

Ersizlerdere Natural Park

Stating that Ersizlerdere Natural Park is located on the route of Istiklal Road Historical National Park, Çağ said:

“Ersizlerdere region, 1. Dere village was named Ersizlerdere village because of the martyrdom of all the soldiers who went to the World War, the Balkan War and the War of Independence, and the fact that there was no one left in the village to perform the funeral prayer. Ersizlerdere Natural Park is on the route of Istiklal Road Historical National Park. There are 95 kilometers of trails in our region. The section that starts in front of the İnebolu Turkish Quarry and decides on Kastamonu’s Cumhuriyet Square is the third longest trekking route in Turkey. Every year, nature walks are organized on this route in winter and summer. With the organization of these marches every year, it is instrumental in keeping alive the spirit of Independence and the spirit of national struggle. We are very proud of this, we are very pleased to be born from such a region.”

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