An Attractive Spot of Van: Miyazaki Koru Park

Van is a city in eastern Turkey that is located on the eastern shore of Lake Van. The city is situated in an oasis at the base of a hill topped by an ancient ruin of a fortress, at an elevation of roughly 5,750 feet (1,750 metres). Cuneiform writings from a collapsed stone structure at the base of the rocky spur date to the eighth and seventh century BCE, when Van served as the Urartu kingdom’s administrative centre. Following Nineveh’s destruction (612 BCE), the Medes, Achaemenian Persians, and rulers of Pontus all claimed control over the region. One Old Persian inscription carved into the rock on the citadel hill was commissioned by the Achaemenian king Xerxes I.

An Attractive Spot of Van Miyazaki Koru Park

Van was a part of the Tigranes I-founded kingdom in the first century BCE. It was briefly contested by the Romans and the Ssnids of Persia, turned into an Arab tributary state in the seventh century, and flourished under the Armenian Bagratid dynasty in the eighth. After the Seljuq Turks defeated Byzantium in 1071, the area was captured by them, and in 1543 it was annexed by the Ottoman Empire. During World War I, Russian forces occupied the city from 1915 to 1917.

Miyazaki Koru Park

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A 10-meter-long “healing path” made of stone and sand at Miyazaki Koru Park in Van’s Edremit neighbourhood is said to heal individuals who walk on it barefoot.

The ‘healing route’ in Edremit, which consists of 8 paths that are travelled barefoot, draws interest from locals. Eight different types of sand and gravel make up the “healing path,” which was designed to get rid of static electricity, which makes people feel mentally and physically exhausted and causes muscle pains, as well as my income in the body. Pebble, slag, black sand, stream gravel, rock salt, pumice, and white and black dolomite stone can be found on the track, which is 300 square metres in size and 10 metres long.

Citizens may readily expel the static energy from their bodies by taking off their shoes and walking barefoot along the healing road.


According to Edremit Mayor smail Say, the park offers rest areas and activities for kids as well as a walking path called the “healing path.” Mayor Say said that they set up a track for people to meet with dirt and stone:

“This track is a first in Van and in our region. We want our compatriots to benefit from this park. Our park in the center of the city is in service with all its units. We opened the park to the service of our people after the renovation last year. The path of healing consists of several tracks. It is an area where our citizens, who will find time and come, will have health. I wish all our compatriots health and happy new years.”

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