Nemrut Caldera Enjoy the Beauty of Snow

One of the most significant wetlands in Bitlis province and a section of an active stratovolcano with a distinctive structural morphology in Turkey is the caldera of the Nemrut volcano, which is situated on the western coast of Lake Van in Eastern Anatolia. Pyroclasts from lava domes, flows, and explosion craters resembling maar cover the caldera’s eastern side. A freshwater lake, a small lake with hot springs, and a variety of little temporal lakes all fill the western half. The largest lake, Lake Nemrut, has a half-moon form, a depth of 100 metres on average, and water that is drinkable, colourless, and odourless.

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The caldera is home to diverse plant ecosystems, and in 1989, breeding Velvet Scoters (Melanitta fusca) were seen in Nemrut. Even though the location is held by the government, some livestock is grazing there. Recreation and tourism are the main pursuits, and a winter sports and ski resort may be found nearby. Overgrazing is the primary ecological danger to the area. 2145 Ramsar Site. The most recent RIS data is from 2013.

The Nemrut Caldera, which sits at a height of 2,250 metres in Bitlis’s Tatvan neighbourhood and is dressed in a white wedding gown with the first snowfall of the year, is welcoming guests. With the first snowfall of the year, the Nemrut Caldera, a UNESCO candidate and part of the Tatvan area, became white.

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Nemrut Caldera Enjoy the Beauty of Snow

With its breathtaking natural settings, Nemrut Crater Lake and Caldera, one of Eastern Anatolia’s most popular tourist destinations, continues to draw visitors from all over the world.

Every year, thousands of local and international tourists come to Nemrut Caldera to enjoy the natural beauty of its hot and cold lakes, steam chimney, and ice cave, which is surrounded by forests. After reaching adequate snow levels, the Nemrut Caldera, a paradise on earth that attracts numerous daily visitors from the nearby provinces and is a favourite of everyone due to its beauty and history, opened its doors to travelers.

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Visitors enjoyed the snow by playing with the first snowball of the winter season while the caldera, which could be seen from the air, astounded them with its stunning and distinctive aspect. According to Rojan Tüzer, they played the first snowball game of the year in the caldera.

“The first snow of the season has fallen on Nemrut. So today we went for a trip with friends. On the way to Nimrod, we saw that it was snowing. We all played a little snowball together. We had a very enjoyable time. After a few months, it was a pleasure to play snowballs again. It’s a bit cold but it’s a place worth coming. We are waiting for everyone.”

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