The Best Ephesus Tour: Fun and Historical Taste

It was once located on the northern slopes of the hills Coressus and Pion, and south of the Cayster River, whose silt has subsequently formed a fertile plain, but has also forced the coastline to drift further west. When Ephesus was formed (about 600 BCE), the Temple of Artemis, or Diana, to which the city owed much of its fame and which appears to mark the site of the classical Greek city, it was probably on the coast, one mile east by northeast of Pion (today Panayir Da). A challenging sea route was maintained in Roman times to a harbour west of Pion. Without more ado, let’s dive into the details of the Ephesus tour.

Ephesus Day Tour

You will be picked up at 05:00 from your hotel early in the morning and transfer to the airport for a one-hour Turkish Airlines flight to Izmir. Upon arrival in Izmir, we will meet you at the airport exit with your name and transfer to our office in Selcuk town (where the ancient city of Ephesus is located) for a full day Ephesus tour (small group tour).

Artemis Temple is a temple dedicated to Artemis ( one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World) One of the largest amphitheatres in the world, the Celsius Library, which is still operational, a plethora of beautiful remnants from the ancient city, and the House of the Virgin Mary, her final residence. Transfer to the airport for a one-hour flight back to Istanbul at the end of the tour.

Ephesus Day Tour from Istanbul

Ephesus Tour: What is Offered?

  • Travel insurance
  • All airport transfers
  • Round trip flight tickets with all taxes
  • Small group day tour with English and Spanish guide
  • Lunch
  • Transportation and all entrance fees

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