Tourists’ Popular Places in Baghdad Street, Istanbul

On the Asian side of Istanbul, Baghdad Street is one of the city’s most elegant and well-known streets. From Kadikoy to Maltepe, it is Istanbul’s longest street. The street’s origins may be traced back to the Ottoman era, when Sultan Murad IV conquered Baghdad in the 17th century, giving it its name. The roadway served as a commercial and military thoroughfare.

Shopping at Baghdad Street

Shopping at Baghdad Street

Because of its length, the street has a unique status in terms of shopping; it houses a diverse range of goods. The street is known for selling wedding dresses in a variety of shops that offer the most up-to-date gowns at affordable prices. Baghdad Street is also a popular destination for well-known Turkish designers and trademark collectors.

The street has been a tourist destination due to its diverse shopping possibilities; it is known as “fashion street” because it is home to well-known stores selling shoes, accessories, souvenirs, antiquities, and Turkish delicacies. The city has installed lounging places along the route to encourage relaxation and improve the shopping experience.

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Cafes at Baghdad Street

Cafes at Baghdad Street

Classy cafes line Baghdad Street, providing shoppers with a sense of luxury and leisure after a long day of shopping. For family and lovers who choose to celebrate their love and birthday parties there, you can easily find a spot to enjoy coffee and a large selection of cold drinks in a contemporary environment.

Restaurants at Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street Restaurants

A visit to Baghdad Street is fascinating in and of itself. Everyone acknowledges that a delectable food must follow a strenuous shopping tour on the street in one of the many restaurants that line the route. It features a diverse range of eateries delivering delectable cuisine to suit all palates. You may meander through beautiful green parks and participate in cultural and night events without even leaving the street because it has everything you need.

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