Driving in Turkey: Tips to Navigate by Car

Driving in Turkey Tips to Navigate by Car

Turkey has its own set of road restrictions that anyone, whether a pedestrian, passenger, or driver, should be aware of. Driving in Turkey might be challenging, but if you know what the Turks know and follow their laws, it can be a really gratifying experience and a fantastic opportunity to learn about the nation. The following are some of the most important tips on driving in Turkey for a safe journey.

Driving in Turkey Tips to Navigate by Car

Remain Level-Headed

I recently completed the Turkish driving license course, and one of the most essential themes stressed throughout the course was the importance of remaining calm and compassionate while driving. On the road, Turks can be impatient and irritable, which is in stark contrast to their usual demeanour. While it is difficult to comprehend their willingness to jeopardise their own and others’ lives on the road, it is likely that they are rushing home after a long day of dealing with traffic.

Drive Cautiously

The primary principle when it comes to driving in Turkey is to drive cautiously and to always keep an eye on the bigger picture. Highways are frequently mixed with town thoroughfares, thus vehicles may be travelling in a variety of directions, including in the incorrect direction. There could be tractors or, better yet, flocks of ducks or sheep up ahead, so stay attentive at all times and be ready to halt at a moment’s notice.

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Keep Distance

For me, one of the most difficult aspects of driving in Turkey was trying to overtake slower automobiles that were clogging up traffic by drifting into the opposing lane when the road markings permitted. Fortunately, Turkey’s highways are well-marked, with the separating line indicating when it is safe to pass another vehicle by having breaks in the yellow line. If a car wishes to pass you, it will flash its headlights and potentially horn, and you should turn on your right turn signal to let the car behind you know you’re ready to pass.

If you don’t think the circumstances are secure enough to pass but others do, make sure to leave enough distance between yourself and the sluggish car in front of you because drivers behind you may try to overtake you first or both of you at once.

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The Roundabouts

A number of prominent intersections in Turkey have been converted to a roundabout system in recent years, which can be difficult for visitors already trying to negotiate unfamiliar routes. On the part of this context of driving in Turkey, the general rule is that those already driving around the circle have the right of way. Also, keep a safe distance from any long-haul trucks, as their beds can deviate into adjacent lanes when turning.

Let Taxies Pass

Giving the taxies delivering the proverbial bacon the right of way is just good manners. Time spent on the road is practically money to them. They know the roads better and can drive faster than other vehicles. Allow them to do their thing and don’t take things personally. They’ve probably had a difficult day at work as well.

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