Istanbul City Wears the Gown of Fog

Fog prevails in Istanbul city early in the morning. Because the fog covered the entire city, marine transportation was disrupted as visibility decreased. The fog, for which the weather service issued a code yellow warning yesterday, hit Istanbul in the early hours of today morning. The city has been blanketed in fog. At some time, visibility drops.

Istanbul Wears the Gown of Fog

Some sea transit, on the other extreme, was disrupted due to the fog. City lines are unable to run due to fog in the Bosphorus Strait. On the other side, due to bad weather and fog, some Istanbul Sea Bus (IDO) and Bursa Sea Bus (BUDO) morning flights were postponed.

When people who arrived at Uskudar’s pier learned that the flights had been cancelled, they opted for Marmaray and taxis. Faruk Kara said:

“The ferries do not work because of the fog. The citizen has been victimized, but there’s nothing we can do. They will cross with taxis or Marmaray. I was going to go to Besiktas, but the flights were cancelled. We’ll take a taxi or a car.”

Istanbul Wears the Gown of Fog (2)

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Due to fog, the Maiden’s Tower, one of Istanbul’s most famous monuments, was also discovered to be missing. Some people photographed the fog on Uskudar Beach. Perihan Yaman, who claimed he was there to photograph the maiden’s tower, stated:

“Istanbul is very beautiful. We came to film the Maiden’s Tower because of the fog. I’m afraid it doesn’t show up at all. We will wait for the fog to open.”

The ferries, the New Mosque, and the Galata Bridge, all symbols in Eminonu, were nearly invisible due to the fog. Fishermen stood out in the gloomy weather near the eminonu ferry docks and on Galata Bridge. Photographs were taken by some Istanbul city citizens.

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