Occupancy Rate Escalated in Cappadocia Region

Welcome to Cappadocia, a fascinating region of Turkey famous for its rock-cut churches, fairy chimneys, and cave residences. Explore the open-air museums in Goreme and Zelve, take in the spectacular sunrise from a hot air balloon, and go hiking through the scenic valleys to really immerse yourself in the bizarre environment. Enjoy the regional food, the flavours of traditional Turkish fare, and Cappadocia’s world-famous wines. Cappadocia provides an amazing experience that will wow you with its rich history and alluring beauty.

Occupancy Rate Escalated in Cappadocia Region

Hotel rates in the Cappadocia region soared when President Recep Tayip Erdoan declared the Feast of Sacrifice vacation to be nine days long.

Interest in the Cappadocia Region, where horse, ATV safari, jeep safari, and balloon tours are prevalent, has increased for the nine-day Feast of Sacrifice holiday in addition to the fairy chimneys, underground and above ground cities, interesting valleys, and rock formations that are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Following the Eid al-Adha holiday’s extension to nine days, there was a significant rise in reservations in the area, which is busy as of the season.

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The Feast of Sacrifice vacation has been extended to 9 days, according to Yakup Dinler, secretary general of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED). Long holidays are actually known as holidays that do not benefit the Cappadocia region. People typically like the coastal location because the holiday is as long as the season and the weather is warming. Eighty to ninety percent of the reservations in the Cappadocia Region are filled during the first part of the Eid holiday.

“There weren’t many local tourists among them. After the Eid vacation is extended to nine days, I believe we will become more focused during the first portion of the Eid tali, which is the time from Eid al-Fitr to the feast day. When making travel arrangements to Cappadocia, we encourage our visitors to not leave it too late. They must remember that as the occupancy rate rises, rates will as well. Give them as much time as possible to make their bookings. We want them to take pleasure in Cappadocia’s Feast of Sacrifice.”

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