About 12K Visitors Watched Cappadocia, Turkey

Best of Cappadocia

One of the most well-liked travel spots in Turkey is Cappadocia. It is over 700 kilometres from Istanbul and situated in the middle of Turkey. It is a place of incredible natural beauty well known for its lovely valleys, unusual cave hotels, mystic underground cities, and fairy chimneys (unique rock formations). The most well-known attractions in Cappadocia are its beautiful sunrise hot air balloon flights.

Best of Cappadocia

Many hiking paths can be found in Cappadocia’s historic valleys. You’ll need at least a week to complete all of the hiking in this area because there is so much of it. One of the most notable features of Cappadocia is Goreme. It has historical sites, an outdoor museum, undiscovered churches, and unusual frescoes.

Contrary to popular opinion, Cappadocia is a whole area rather than a city. Little towns like Ortahisar, Goreme, Uchisar, and others may be found there. Three dormant volcanoes, Mt. Erciyes, Mt. Hasan, and Mount. Gullu, encircle these regions. They have helped create Cappadocia’s fascinating terrain and its distinctive cave hotels. A sought-after experience, these cave hotels are emblematic of Cappadocia. You don’t want to miss the sunrise there, either!

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About 12K Visitors Watched Cappadocia, Turkey

11 thousand 761 local and international tourists took part in the hot air balloon tours offered in the Cappadocia region in February 2023 and saw the distinctive beauty of the region from the air. One of Turkey’s top tourist attractions, Cappadocia, has already entered the 2023 travel season.

11 000 761 people took part in the hot air balloons that rose to the sky and carried passengers to their baskets as the sun rose in Cappadocia last month. The natural view of Cappadocia was praised by visitors who observed the distinctive vista made by the fairy chimneys from the air while riding on balloons.

The number of participants in the balloon trips in February of the previous year was 16,305, while in February of this year, 11,265 visitors took part. The statement claims that due to unfavourable weather circumstances, balloons were allowed to fly for 8 days last month.

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