Where to Shop in Bodrum Turkey?

One of Turkey’s most stunning tourist destinations, Bodrum is also one of the country’s most significant coastal regions. Due to its convenient location, it has attracted a large number of tourists, allowing them to take tours of its regions, alleys, and historical sites, stay in one of its hotels, and shop in its markets and ancient bazaars, which we will discuss in the paragraphs that follow. Let’s have a glimpse at the markets in Bodrum Turkey.

Yalikavak Market

Yalikavak Market

Bodrum, a coastal city, is about 30 minutes’ drive from Yalikavak Market, where bazaar booths have been open every Thursday for the past 43 years. On the northern and western parts of the Bodrum Peninsula, Yalikavak Market on Thursday is a popular tourist destination. Due to sustained market expansion, the municipality decided to further segregate bazaar days on the market in 2016.

Bodrum Bazaar Market

Bodrum Bazaar Market

Bodrum Bazaar is one of the city’s most attractive markets and a well-liked market with charming sea views. Visitors can go to a well-liked café or restaurant and eat the best dishes and drinks before touring the market, which has a variety of necessities and goods, including clothing, leather goods, watches, and other items. Bodrum market is open two days a week: Tuesday is for apparel shopping and Friday is for purchasing fresh goods.

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Bitez Market

Bitez Market Bodrum Turkey

The completion of the new market’s construction, which allowed stall owners to return to their previous sites for two years after the market halted operation, marked a commercial turning point for the better with Bitez Market’s reopening in the lovely city of Bodrum in March 2017. Both Bitez region people and Konacik region residents gain from the tiny Bitez market. Thursday is market opening day.

Turgut Reis Bazaar

Turgut Reis Bazaar Bodrum Turkey

One of the most significant street markets in Bodrum Turkey is the Turgut Reis market.  The Turgut Reis Bazaar offers a wide range of commodities to satisfy the visitor’s needs, including a wide range of fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, and household goods, as well as a wide range of clothes and handicrafts, including presents and antiques. Saturdays and Wednesdays are market days at Turgut Reis Bazaar.

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