Beykoz Koru: A Marvel of French garden architects

Though it has been well-known since antiquity, the Beykoz Koru has recently gained a lot of notoriety. Due of its length and width, the Beykoz Koru (also known as the Beykoz Bark) is a particularly nice spot to escape the urban complex. It is referred to as the Abraham Pasha Corps, and each day, more and more people visit it.

Beykoz Koru

Abraham Pasha Koru is a different name for Beykoz Korusu. (Bark). Abraham Pasha, also known as Erem Amira’s grandson, lived from 1833 to 1918, and was given that name. It is still referred to as Beykoz Korusu today. After defeating two opponents in a game of chess, Abraham Pasha, a personal friend of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz at the time, took first place.

With the addition of French garden architects, the region continues to provide visitors with a promenade area that spans a considerable area. Visitors can enjoy a picnic with their families and friends while also enjoying the cafes and restaurants that are situated within the forest. The BB Beykoz Social Facilities allow you to enjoy this lovely location.

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Enjoyments at Beykoz Koru

The region has a variety of cafes and eateries where, on weekends, the weather gets better and people are quite focused. In these cafés, customers can create breakfasts that suit their own tastes and have the best possible experience.

Beykoz Koru A Marvel of French garden architects

How to Get to Beykoz Koru

This protected space, which lies in Istanbul’s Beykoz neighborhood, covers over 150,000 square metres. With its position, Beykoz Koru (also known as Beykoz Bark), is a highly popular place. You may get to this settlement by taking the route that leads to Beykoz-Paşabahçe. Private boat cruises between Stinye and Paşabahçe are also available at the same time.

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