Best Time to Visit Turkey for Outdoor Activities

Turkey is best visited in the spring or autumn. Turkey has beautiful weather between March and May, as well as between September and November, when the summertime crowds have dispersed. Hotel costs will be moderate during these off-peak times, and airfare will be less expensive. Let’s know about the best time to visit Turkey outdoor activities.

The ideal months to explore Turkey’s extensive collection of historic ruins are often April, May, and September because these months are comfortably warm with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C. June through August are the sweltering summer months, with temperatures on the south coast reaching the mid-thirties.


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The summer heat in Istanbul lasts all year long, from mid-June to mid-October. Istanbul experiences the warmest weather in July and August, when the temperature can reach 35 degrees celsius. The summer is also the least busy season in Istanbul. Most Istanbul citizens opt to spend their vacations either in their hometowns or one of Turkey’s many resort cities. It is quite easy to move around the city, enjoy the Bosphorus, Black Sea, or Marmara shorelines, and get some fresh air away from the heat of the city because the population of the city has decreased and the quantity of traffic has decreased.

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Things to do in Antalya

The Turkish Riviera extends over 630 kilometres along the coast of Antalya. Since there are 300 days of sunshine a year in Antalya, it is a great area to visit the beach. The water offers a lot more things just swimming and tanning, too. Those who enjoy various water sports frequently travel to the Antalya region.

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As we dig deeper to know about the best time to visit Turkey for outdoor activities, we get to know that Fethiye is fortunate to have a sizable, magnificent natural harbour. As a result, it is home to a large number of fishing boats, yachts, and day trip boats. Although the 12 Island Boat Tours offer incredible value for the money, the costs vary seasonally but are usually quite affordable.

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