The Best Things to Do This Summer in Istanbul

The heat of summer in Istanbul is constant from mid-June until mid-October. The hottest months in Istanbul during the summer are July and August, when temperatures can exceed 35 degrees Celsius. Summer is also the most peaceful period of the year in Istanbul. Istanbul residents frequently spend their vacations in their hometowns or in one of Turkey’s many resorts. The city is depopulated, traffic decreases, and it becomes much easier to travel around, enjoy the coastlines of the Bosphorus, the Black Sea, or the Marmara, and get some fresh air away from the city’s heat.

The Princes’ Islands

Princes Islands Istanbul-

The Princes’ Islands, one of the best activities to do this summer in Istanbul, archipelago is a great way to get away from Istanbul’s heat. We recommend visiting during the summer weekdays rather than weekends, when the islands are overrun with Istanbul residents and tourists. Small beaches (sadly without sand) may be found on the islands, allowing you to relax and swim in the Sea of Marmara.

Princess Island Tour

Sailing in Summer

Sailing in istanbul

Do you want to get away, relax on the Sea of Marmara, and visit the Princes’ Islands? Then this is the activity for you. Throughout the day, you’ll be able to swim in the archipelago’s little bays, dine at charming local restaurants, and discover a place apart from the city’s commotion. We may also arrange for you to help the captain in his manoeuvres for a half-day.

Eat Mezzes and Drink Raki

Eat Mezzes

The fishing season begins in September, and eating fish during the summer is not recommended. Nothing beats a wonderful supper with lots of cold mezzes and rak to unwind after a long day. The national drink, Rak, is an anise-flavored liqueur comparable to Pastis or Ouzo. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the creator of the Turkish Republic, was a big fan of the narrative. It even happened to him and his counsellors when they were contemplating whether or not to drink rak. Rrk is a popular beverage in fish restaurants. Engaging in these eating doings is one of the best activities in summer in Istanbul.

Outdoor Party

Outdoor Party

Aside from the Bosphorus’s renowned clubs, the city hosts a number of festivals. Here is a list of upcoming festivals: concerts and festivals.

2022 New Party Bosphorus dinner cruise tour

During the summer, our favourite place to party is Suma Beach, where there are festivals and parties with well-known DJs every weekend.

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