Autumn Unveiled: Must-See Places to Visit in Turkey in Autumn

Autumn brings with it the warmest tones of red and yellow in the natural world. Your passion for the outdoors comes alive during this romantic season, so you might want to take a road trip to photograph the hues that are typically impossible to obtain in a city setting. We’ve put together a list of locations with the top places to visit in Turkey in autumn for individuals who want to appreciate the warm autumnal colors.

Autumn Unveiled Must-See Places to Visit in Turkey in Autumn

Acarlar Floodplain

Sakarya’s Acarlar Floodplain lies between the districts of Karasu and Kaynarca. This exceptional natural wonder has been designated as a first degree natural protected area. It is the largest floodplain forest in Turkey in its whole. As long as the weather permits, boat and water bike rides can be done on the sizable Acarlar Lake, which is part of the floodplain woods. Numerous species of wildlife, including pheasants, woodcocks, and wild ducks, may be found in the forest, while numerous fish species, including catfish, rudd, and carp, can be found in the lake.

Violet Plateau

Trekking and camping enthusiasts have recently come to love Izmit’s Violet Plateau. Situated in Beştepeler Nature Park is the hiking trail. Menekşe Plateau’s nature is so vivid and lovely that you might desire to camp in addition to hiking.

Igneada Floodplain

İğneada Floodplain Forests Nature Park is situated in Kırklareli’s Demirköy neighborhood. Your lungs will rejoice in this place since there is an abundance of oxygenated air. Camping fans are mesmerized by the natural beauty of floodplain forests, where the only sound disturbing the calm is the sound of songbirds. Among the sites to view in the floodplain woods region are Dupnisa Cave and its five lakes, the most well-known of which is Lake Mert.

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Gokcetepe Nature Park

Located in the Keşan area of Edirne, Gökçetepe Nature Park, one of the top places to visit in Turkey in autumn, is a great spot to unwind in the fall, while summer months are highly busy with visitors. Gökçetepe offers a variety of outdoor recreational options, including hiking, paintball, ziplining, and survivor tracks, making it the perfect destination for family or group outings. You can spend a lovely weekend where you can unwind and rejuvenate by taking long walks in the naturally designed park that is merged with the sea and inhaling the delicious aroma of the trees and the water.

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