Autumn Paints Savsat, the ‘Quiet City’, in Brilliant Colors

Savsat, the Artvin district known as the “Quiet City,” captivates visitors with its exceptional natural beauty during the autumn season, conjuring up images straight out of a fairy tale.

Autumn Paints Savsat, the 'Quiet City', in Brilliant Colors

As autumn arrived in the Eastern Black Sea region, green tones gave way to shades of yellow and orange. Autumn has brought even more color to the Şavşat district, known for its natural beauty in Artvin.

Şavşat, drawing attention for its wooden village houses, peace, quiet, culture, music, and natural life, provides both domestic and foreign visitors with a visual feast due to its verdant surroundings and breathtaking geographical features. The villages have various beauties in addition to the district’s nature parks, forests, and Black Lakes.

Among them is Maden village, which is 40 kilometers from the district and greets guests with various fall hues.

Ahmet Yörük, who camped in the mining village of Şavşat after traveling from Trabzon, said in a statement:

“The journey is a little far, but once we arrive, we realize it is worthwhile. In Trabzon, we see only one shade of green. Many of the colors that are similar to green, yellow, orange, and red can be seen here during this time.”

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Turan Bayrak stated,

“I try to come as much as possible on weekends,” after traveling from Rize to witness the colors of Savsat last spring. I bring friends and family here in the spring if they are not already here. I urge everyone to visit; it’s a worthwhile place to visit.”

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