Autumn in Turkey: A Journey Through Nature’s Palette with Family

Even if it could get a little colder, there are wonderful opportunities to spend time outside with kids in the autumn when nature generously lends all of its hues. Here are some of the loveliest autumnal activities that we may do with kids to enjoy the outdoors autumn in Turkey.

Fall has arrived, and the temperature is starting to drop. Even while spending time at home gets more pleasurable, we may also take our kids outside to play. They allow us to take in the autumn, when nature assumes one of its most lovely forms. So, let’s look at our options and where we can go. Autumn is best enjoyed outside in nature. Visit the woodlands in your city as a result; they are important.

Where to enjoy Autumn in Turkey

You must view Istanbul’s Belgrade Forest, Atatürk Arboretum, Emirgan Grove, and Maçka Park since they are so exquisitely colored. You can go on a nature walk with your kids and take in the sights of the surrounding natural beauty. Of course, don’t forget to bring a magnifying lens. You’ll want to look at everything you see while walking, after all. Your kids can use a magnifying lens to look at the veins in the leaves and look at insects and fungi.

You could want to unwind or simply spend more time taking in a natural beauty after a lengthy walk in autumn in Turkey. Take your camping chairs with you as a result. You can spend longer time in the woods if you have a few tea or coffee snacks in the thermos. Food is not allowed at the Atatürk Arboretum, however you are allowed to bring a prepared basket as long as you don’t start a fire in the forest. Of course, as long as you don’t leave trash in the environment.

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We should set an example for our children in this regard by protecting the environment and treating it with respect. Yellowing leaves become a beautiful scene in the fall. Children frequently show a lot of interest in the thousands of leaves that cover the ground. To create a collection, you can assemble various leaves. Stones can also be used for this. It will enter the collector culture through you in this way. Younger children enjoy gathering stones and leaves to paint. They can enjoy themselves by decorating the bags you will bring home with the stones and leaves they collect.

Let’s not overlook the cones, which are common during this season under the trees. Every child enjoys gathering and painting cones.

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