Akgol Natural Park Snowfall Scenery

Numerous types and numbers of water birds reside in Akgol Lake and its surrounds. Given that some are in danger of going extinct, this 6787-hectare natural conservation area is very significant on a national and worldwide level. The Eregli reed beds are home to about 200 different bird species, including flamingos, titmouses, cormorants, several heron species, swans, geese, ducks, Egyptian vultures, snake eagles, reed hen harriers, cranes, doves, eagle owls, and great falcons. Little marsh, peaked marsh, great white heron, white-fronted goose, hairy duck, and crane are all frequent migrants throughout the winter. Akgol Natural Park is among the wonders of the area.

Akgol Natural Park Snowfall Scenery

In the Sinop district of Ayanck, where snowfall was effective, picture-perfect sceneries were created. Drones were used to capture images of the pine forest wearing a white bridal attire and the lake that was partially covered in ice. In Akgöl Natural Park, which is on the edge of the Ayanck district and has a special beauty with its landscape, lake, and vegetation, snowfall was effective.

Akgol Natural Park Turkey

A portion of Akgöl was frozen as a result of the cold, and the nearby pine trees turned white. Akgol provides its tourists with one-of-a-kind memories through her appearance in a white wedding gown. Following the snow, outdoor enthusiasts are travelling to Akgöl in their off-road vehicles. Drone imagery revealed that a portion of Akgol was covered in ice.

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Sinop is an important city of history, culture, and civilization with thousands of years of civilization history, as well as an important ecotourism hub with its natural wonders, according to Metin Süren, Sinop Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism. Süren stated:

“The Akgöl Plateau, which was designated a tourism hub by the Council of Ministers, is the most significant of these. It is the most significant of the four locations designated as tourism centres in our city. Our Akgol Plateau, which provides a visual feast to its guests throughout the four seasons and has a unique beauty in each, offers various beauties in the spring, different beauties in the autumn, and various beauties in the winter. The snow falling at the moment has given it a significant visual.”

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