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A significant landslide caused Abant Lake National Park, a freshwater lake in Turkey’s Bolu Province in northwest Anatolia, to form. At a height of 1,328 metres (4,357 feet), the lake is located 32 kilometres (20 miles) from Bolu, the provincial capital. Due to the natural surroundings, forests, and ease of access by automobile, it is a popular vacation and excursion destination for both Turkish and international tourists. Three hours’ drive from these two main cities in Turkey, it is accessible by a 21 km (13 mi) road that departs from the Istanbul-Ankara motorway O-4 E80 or the highway D.100 at the level of Mount Bolu. A natural park is Lake Abant.

Abant Lake National Park turkey

With the snow that fell in March, one of Bolu’s most popular natural parks, Abant Lake National Park, was completely blanketed in white. The natural wonder Abant Lake National Park in Bolu, one of Turkey’s most significant tourist destinations, became white after the March snowfall.

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The contrast of green and white at the nature park, which is 35 kilometres from the city centre and bordered by pine trees, provided a feast for the eyes. Travelers who visited Abant in March enjoyed the outdoors by strolling around the lake and taking in the snowy scenery. The unusual scene was welcomed by tourists who strolled around the lake and took lots of pictures.

Abant Lake National Park

Izmir native Dursun Demir, who travelled to Abant, stated,

“In Izmir, there is no snow. The seasons have shifted this year. Both thirst and drought are present. Fortunately, snow also fell here. We were in a beautiful setting with snow all around. We last visited this location ten years ago.”

Minüre Demir claimed that she adores Abant very much,

“A natural wonder is Abant. Terrific. I’ve visited this location twice. I arrived while carrying my daughter. The age of my daughter is now ten. We have returned and will do so again.”

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