100 Centimeters of Snow Beautified Erciyes Turkey

The largest ski resort in Turkey is located on Mount Erciyes, a snow-covered stratovolcano that towers over Kayseri. Turkey’s ski resorts aren’t as well-known as, say, the Alps, but if you’re already there or searching for a unique place to ski this winter, Erciyes is a convenient and reasonably priced choice.

Best places to visit in Erciyes

In Erciyes, which has developed into one of the few ski resorts in the globe, skiers may still enjoy 100 centimetres of snow in March, the first month of spring, and can still ski at night on the specially lit circuit. With the investments made by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes has developed into the most technologically sophisticated winter sports destination in Turkey. With its open tracks and links from Develi Kap to Haclar Kap, Erciyes offers skiers the chance to ski day and night.

Visitors can enjoy the snow on the specially lit route all night long in Erciyes, which is run by Kayseri Erciyes A.., the first and only mountain management firm in Turkey. The pleasure of skiing is still fully enjoyed at the Erciyes Ski Center, which is run by Kayseri Erciyes A. and claims to be the first mountain in the Central Anatolia Region and the sixth largest mountain in Turkey.

100 centimeters of snow Beautified Erciyes

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As skiers enjoy the views and snowfall of up to 100 centimetres in the spring, night skiing is also practised at Erciyes, one of the most renowned ski resorts in the world. Skiers ascend the mountain in the pitch-black of night to take advantage of the specially lit slopes.

Erciyes invites both domestic and international visitors to the Erciyes Ski Center, one of Turkey’s major hubs for winter sports and climbing with 112 kilometres of 41 ski runs and 19 mechanical facilities. Kayseri is a popular destination for visitors to Erciyes.

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