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Turkish Bath

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Turkish bath


Turkish Bath

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A Turkish bath or hammam is a steambath, sauna, distinguished by a focus on water, as distinct from ambient steam. In Western Europe, the “Turkish bath” as a method of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna but is more closely related to ancient Greek and ancient Roman bathing practices.

We provide you a free shuttle service from your hotel to the hammam.

You will:

  • Enjoy a 1,000-year old Turkish tradition
  • Relax your body with a foam and oil massage
  • Experience an original Anatolian ritual
  • Get an invigorating body peel
  • Take time out in the sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Receive a face mask and facial massage

The Turkish bath starts with relaxation in a room (known as the warm room) that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air, allowing the bather to perspire freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room (known as the hot room) before they wash in cold water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation. The difference between the Islamic hammam and the Victorian Turkish bath is the air. The hot air in the Victorian Turkish bath is dry; in the Islamic hammam the air is often steamy. The bather in a Victorian Turkish bath will often take a plunge in a cold pool after the hot rooms; the Islamic hammam usually does not have a pool unless the water is flowing from a spring. In the Islamic hammams, the bathers splash themselves with cold water.

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel
  • Entrance fees
  • Foam massage
  • Sauna
  • Peeling
  • Full body aromatic oil massage
  • Face mask and face massage
  • Tips

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This price is calculated according to a small travel group. If  You  are 5 or more people please inform us, so we can make a special offer suitable for families and big groups of travellers. We can arrange this group tour privately  upon your request. To reserve any of our daily tours in Istanbul you don’t need to pay any money in advance, we just need your full name and  accommodation details (Hotel name and room number) at least maximum 24 hours before arriving. Also, you can pay selected tour by card or cash.