Yenice Forests Turkey: All Things to Know

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) identified 100 “Hot Spots of European Forests” in 1999, which are areas with exceptional biodiversity and urgent need for protection. One of the nine “Hot Spots” in Turkey is the Yenice Forests in the province of Karabük.

Best of Yenice Forest

The region is a natural marvel because it contains untouched forest, enormous trees, a distinctive ecosystem, and a plethora of wildlife that is uncommon outside of the tropics. The “Nature Protection Zones,” which are home to the majestic trees, and the Arboretum area are without a doubt the most crucial components of the Yenice Forest. The unspoiled forest’s biodiversity, which contains several types of majestic trees and is the most priceless component of the heritage, is the main reason why the conservation zone was created. Some of the trees’ trunks grow among the lush valleys, high peaks, and dense plant life produced by the plentiful water and humidity, reaching diameters and heights that are uncommonly seen in the world.

Yenice Forest turkey

The Yenice Forests, which draw visitors with their variety of wildlife and plants and are listed as one of the 100 hot places that require immediate conservation, enchanted in the postcard photographs that followed after they took on the colours of hazan. With the colour frenzy that emerged after the coming of autumn, the Yenice forests of Karabük, where Turkey’s largest block forests are located, began to provide a visual feast to the populace.

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Things to do in Yenice Forest

Yenice forests’ leaves, which are all different tones of green in the spring and summer, have changed appearance in the autumn to reveal colourful trees. Yenice Forests, which are regarded as one of Europe’s top 100 forest hot spots due to the variety of species they support and the intensity of their yellow and red tones, also provide postcard images to photographers.

With their massive trees, which are the result of the rich plant diversity created by water and wetness, Yenice Forests are among the most priceless assets of the natural wonder. The Arboretum portion of the forest, which draws attention with its preservation of rare plant species and having a special microclimate, is where the forest’s most significant trees are found.

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