The Snowfall Makes Visitors to Visit Urban Forest

Open green spaces, such as Urban Forest with diverse sorts of water resources, are generally preferred by forest visitors. Not only can combinations with various species of trees add variety, but so does the combination of trees with fields, meadows, and, in especially, water bodies. Only 22 urban forests (42.3 percent) in Turkey have a water resource such as a lake/pond or stream (lake/ponds are found in 19 urban forests, streams are found in 2, and both lake/ponds and streams are found in one urban forest). The remaining 30 urban woodlands have no water supply at all. 51.9 percent of afforestation (plantation) land, 36.5 percent of natural forest, and 9.6 percent of picnic area make up the genesis of urban forests.

The Snowfall Makes Visitors to Visit Urban Forest

The snowfall in Izmit began late at night and lasted periodically throughout the day, turning the city’s high points white. Snowballs were thrown by children who came to the Urban Forest with their families.

The snowfall in Izmit began late at night and was sporadic, resulting in snowfall in high areas of the city. The snow depth in the Izmit Umuttepe district reached roughly 10 cm, while those who visited the Urban Forest appreciated the storm. Playing snowballs with the kids was a lot of fun.

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Urban Forest Turkey

Municipal crews attempted to mitigate the negative effects by ploughing and salting the roads. Galip Derebasi, who arrived with his family at the Urban Forest, stated:

“It’s nice to have snow. We came here to spend time with the kids, and they were looking forward to it. It’s good for us and it’s good for our kids. I’m going to have a snowball fight with my kids, we’re going to skate.”

Ruestem Özgenç, the operator, stated:

“People came here to see snow views from many parts of the city. Everything’s fine right now, it’s a great view. There are picnickers, there are skiers, children are having the most fun,”

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