Get your Touristic Taste Changed: Kastamonu Turkey

Kastamonu Turkey is a picturesque Anatolian city nestled in the midst of woodlands. The splendour of the Byzantine fortress, built in the 12th century at the foot of the hill, welcomes you. The Atabey Mosque, built in the 13th century, and the Ibni Neccar Mosque are also worth seeing. On the Mahmut Bey Mosque in Kasaba, you will get the opportunity to observe one of Turkey’s most stunning wood carvings.

Gases, a Simerian branch with roots extending back to the 18th century BC, were still alive and well. As a result, it was given the name Gas tumanna, which means “city of Gases.” With the passage of time, this name evolved into Kastamonu, which it remains now. Kastamonu, which has a long history, manages to draw visitors in with its natural beauty and history. Kastamonu Turkey is a city in the Republic of Turkey’s Black Sea Region.

Things to Do in Kastamonu Turkey

Making your priceless time memorable, here we’ve come up with the best things to do in Kastamonu Turkey:

Kastamonu Castle

Kastamonu Castle

Kastamonu Castle is open to the public. Kastamonu Castle, which has become the city’s emblematic edifice, holds a special place in the city’s history. The castle, which has been renovated numerous times since its construction, has certain elements that have survived to the present day. With this location, the castle, which is built on a natural rock, can be viewed brilliantly from various spots within the city. The Kastamonu Municipality renovated the castle in 2005, and it is 120 metres high from the centre, although it is quite accessible.

Valla Canyon

Valla Canyo

Valla Canyon is a place worth visiting. Valla Canyon, which was formed by the Devrekani Stream’s erosion in the Küre Mountains, attracts an increasing number of visitors each year because to its distinctive manra and activities. The canyon’s most notable feature is that it is the world’s second deepest canyon. It is one of the most popular spots in Kastamonu Turkey.

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Inebolu houses

Inebolu houses

Inebolu houses can be examined. Inebolu Residences have three storeys and are painted in burgundy and white. They usually have cute houses with fruit trees in their gardens, such as plum, hazelnut, mulberry, apple, and walnut, as well as a water well and gazebo. The Clock Tower is open to the public. One of the famous structures is the Clock Tower, which is placed on Sarayüstü Hill, on the pendant of the Government House. This tower is said to have been exiled by the locals.

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