Tuzluca district Hills Attract Attention with their Colors

On October 7, 1920, Tuzluca district, formerly known as Kulp, which is an ancient Turkish territory that has hosted numerous civilizations, was released from Russian rule. It was incorporated as a district in 1923. Kulp was renamed Tuzluca in 1934 as a result of the area’s abundance of rock salt. Mountains make up the majority of the landforms.

Tuzluca Hills Attract Attention with their Colors-min

Its surface area is 1254 km2, and it is 39 km from the city centre. The district is bordered by Idr Province in the south, Digor District of Kars in the north, Armenia and the Aras River in the east, and the Ar Mountain in the west. With its surface area, it is Iğdır largest district.

People who want to take pictures frequently visit the hills in the Tuzluca region of Iğdır because of their attention-grabbing brown, green, yellow, and white colours, especially red. One of the locations that tourists as well as individuals who make promises, engage in weddings, get married, and take wedding photos like is the Tuzluca district of Iğdır Rainbow Hills, which attract those who see them with their hues as well as their diverse sizes.

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Photographers who want to capture the sunrise on the 2,500-foot Tekelti Mountain in their images travel to this region to capture the sunrise on the hills that cover thousands of acres of colourful countryside. The Rainbow Hills were the location of choice for Arzu and Adem Akarsu’s wedding photo session, and they thought the hills were stunning.

Stating that the hills were very beautiful for taking photos, Adem Akarsu said, “We had a wedding shoot. We were offered this place for the wedding shoot, so we came here. The rainbow hills are a very beautiful place as you have seen. It is a truly natural wonder, we recommend this place when you have a shoot. It was very nice and we were satisfied.”

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