Kalekoy: The Desired Spot of Holidaymakers

The historical “Simena Ancient City,” today known as Kaleköy, in the Demre district of ANTALYA, dazzles with its magnificence. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists travel by boat to Kalekoy, which is connected to the mainland but has no road access. Construction is not permitted on the first-degree historical and natural site Kaleköy, a tiny Lycian city from the 4th century BC.

Best of Kalekoy Kaleköy

Kas is a special place because of its breathtaking coastline, historic cities, and natural beauty. What about its villages, though? You’ve lost out if you depart Kas without exploring its settlements. One of them is distinct from every previous settlement you have seen. Simena, also known as Kalekoy, is a fascinating and stunning creature that can be found in Kas. Simena’s ancient remains are located near Kalekoy, a town by the sea that you should absolutely see while you’re in Kas.

In addition to being the address of solitude, Kaleköy, which is situated opposite Kekova Island and resembles an eagle’s nest, can only be reached by boat. There are no automobile noises in the morning; only the sounds of birds and fishing engines can be heard. Large and small ships arriving from the sea, especially in the summer, are welcomed by historical and natural splendour.

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Things to do in Kalekoy Kaleköy

The historical stone homes, all of which are still standing today and date back to the Lycian era, are Kaleköy’s symbols and its historians. The Lycian sarcophagus, one of Turkey’s maritime promotional icons, serves as the region’s and Kaleköy’s unofficial emblem. Tourism is served by hostels along the shore that are made out of improvised piers, fish eateries, and various stone cottages. Local and foreign visitors arrive by yacht all day long and navigate the city’s winding alleyways before climbing to the 400-meter-tall Simena Castle, where the Turkish flag is flown at the summit.

Kalekoy Turkey Kaleköy

A wooden stairway leads to the castle’s summit. A stunning perspective of the area is available from the summit. The castle contains the smallest amphitheatre from the Roman era. Lycian sarcophagi beautify nature just to the east of the castle and beneath it. The only source of income in Kaleköy is tourism. Every woman has a kiosk where she sells goods in the winding streets. Here, women sell the wintertime produce they grow. All day long, yachts from Demre, Kas, and the Üçaz district of Demre fill the temporary docks to capacity.

Aygün Varol, who came to Kaleköy for the first time, stated:

“We liked it very much. We came here by boat tour. It’s an enormous place. Everyone should definitely visit and see. The surroundings are also terrific.”

Kalekoy The Desired Spot of Holidaymakers

Salih Baştürk, who was on holiday in Kaleköy, stated:

“Kaleköy is a paradise hidden on the slope of a mountain. Intertwined with its history, nature and sea. Awesome place. It’s a paradise that we should all come and see. But most importantly, it is a paradise that we all need to protect.”

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