Thursday Plateau Snowscapes: A Meandering Tale of Beauty

Thursday Plateau, located in Ordu’s Aybastı neighborhood and well-known for its meanders, greets guests following a snowfall.

Thursday Plateau Snowscapes A Meandering Tale of Beauty

At an elevation of 1,500 feet, the Aybastı Thursday Plateau, a popular summer destination for thousands of both domestic and foreign visitors, is completely covered in white snow following a snowstorm. People who wished to escape the tension of the city took pleasure in the scene covered in snow.

One of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, the Thursday Plateau is known for its meandering paths. Visitors can enjoy the plateau by skiing on sleds or nylons and taking in the breathtaking view of the plateau coated in white. Children played in the snow-covered meandering on the plateau, which provided a visual feast.

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One of the residents, Sinan Kaymak, expressed his happiness over the snowfall by saying,

“We arrived with our visitors, using this as a chance to whiten the plateau. Using sleds, our kids enjoy the snow. The plateau offers options to our guests as well. The plateau is as gorgeous as it has always been, and we are content and joyful.”

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