Best of Bartın Turkey: Things to do in Bartın

Best of Bartın Turkey Things to do in Bartın

It is a province on the western side of the Black Sea Region that split from Zonguldak in 1991 to become the 74th province. The Bartn Stream, which has the same name, surrounds Bartn, which has a 59-kilometer coastline. The province has a population of around 193 thousand people, divided across four districts, eight towns, and 265 villages. Let’s have a look at the best things to do in Bartın Turkey.

Best of Bartın Turkey Things to do in Bartın

Bakacak Hill

During the summer months, Bakacak Hill, which displays all of Amasra’s splendour, attracts a large number of people. On the hill, there is a binocular from which you can watch the marina, sailing ships, and fishing boats. You can savour the moment by eating ember-roasted or boiling maize.

The Crying Tree

The tea garden in Boztepe is also known as the Crying Tree. The 300-350-year-old cypress tree sends back the moisture it has collected from the sea and air in the form of rains in the spring and fall seasons, which is where the tree’s name derives from. For this reason, it is a place that deserves to be seen in spring and autumn. Giving the Crying Tree a visit is one of the best things to do in Bartın Turkey.

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Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island, one of the region’s most important sites and the best best things to do in Bartın, is located right across the Amasra Kemere Bridge. The Byzantine Church, which remains Genoese, is located on an island with no land connection. It gets its name from the rabbits that people left on the island many years ago and which still survive. There’s a legend about a rock cave at the far end of the island where people who were sick in ancient times hoped to recover by visiting. A cave can be found on the other side. It is 70 metres long and can be swum in.

Kapısuyu Village

The beach is named after Kapsuyu Village, which is located 3 kilometres from Kurucaşile in the coastal province of Bartn. It attracts a lot of visitors from the surrounding provinces and districts because of its 1 kilometre long beach. With its fine beach and wavy water, Kapsuyu provides a natural setting with its surrounding green areas. For families with children and people who do not know how to swim, the shallow and deepening water is the preferred location.

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