Where to spend a fairytale holiday under the stars in Turkey

It’s up to you to find the ideal locations. Choose a location where the sky is cloudless and clear for a fairytale holiday under the stars. The most stunning paths to view sky events are listed below.

Asos, Canakkale

Asos, Canakkale Where to spend a fairytale holiday under the stars in Turkey

Behramkale Village, south of Canakkale Ayvacik, is the site of the ancient city. It is a fantastic observation location, especially for Milky Way photos, because of the entirely open, sea-like southern sky, which is accompanied by historical ruins.

Frig Valley, Afyon

Frig Valley, Afyon

Historical remains and ancient monuments containing remnants of Phrygia culture can also be found in the Frig Valley, which stretches through Eskisehir, Kütahya, and Afyon and the best spot for fairytale holiday to spend. It has a relatively broad area to cover and has been able to avoid light pollution, making it an excellent location for stargazing. It also features a number of lovely historical structures that can be used for photo shoots.

2 Days Cappadocia Tour From Istanbul

Kizil Vadi, Cappadocia

The national park of Red Valley is one of the most magnificent sites to view the sunset and is a must-see for anybody visiting Cappadocia. Lean back, put your head back, and look up at the sky when the light departs from the horizon and it goes dark.

Saklikent, Antalya

At 2,000 metres, Saklkent, which includes the Tubitak National Observatory, is one of Turkey’s top observation spots. This is where the National Sky Observation Festivities are being held. Antalya’s expansion casts some light on the eastern horizon, but it’s otherwise gloomy and sky-watching territory. It the best spot for fairytale holiday to spend.

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