Chasing Snowflakes: Taurus Mountains in Mersin Wonderland

Following the anticipated snowfall in the Taurus Mountains in Mersin, the landscape transformed into a picturesque scene, resembling a white wedding dress. Delightful images emerged, capturing the enchanting beauty of the winter season. The eagerly awaited snowfall gracefully adorned the high-altitude regions of Mersin for a duration of two days.

Avgadı Plateau’s Winter Wonderland

Chasing Snowflakes Taurus Mountains in Mersin Wonderland

Following the snowfall, the Avgadı Plateau, encompassing Aydınlar, Tozlu, Yağda, Güzeloluk, Toros, and Sarıkaya Districts in the countryside of Erdemli district, donned a pristine white blanket.

Particularly in the Taurus Mountains, the snow thickness reached up to 30 centimeters, crafting a picturesque scene across the mountains and forests. The serene white cover contributed to a delightful spectacle.

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Clearing the Winter Path

Notably, the Mersin Erdemli-Karaman Ayrancı road, traditionally closed every winter season from the 47th kilometer, has been successfully cleared of snow, ensuring safe passage through the open section.

The Taurus Mountains in Mersin, adorned in a pristine white cover, were captured through the lens of a drone, offering a breathtaking aerial perspective of the snow-clad landscape.

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