Balkayalar Mountain Majesty: Unveiling the Snow-Cloaked Beauty

Balkayalar Mountain, nestled in the Derecik district of Hakkari and graced with a Mediterranean climate, unveils a distinctive allure beneath its pristine snow cover.

Balkayalar Mountain Majesty Unveiling the Snow-Cloaked Beauty

Balkayalar Mountain, positioned at the zero point of Northern Iraq and reaching an altitude of 2,487 meters, unfolds a captivating visual spectacle adorned with its winter snow cover. The impact of snowfall is particularly pronounced in this region dominated by the Mediterranean climate.

Serving as a symbol of Derecik, Balkayalar Mountain and its surrounding ranges hold significant importance. Enveloped in snow, it becomes a favored destination for photographers eager to capture the inherent beauty of nature.

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Balkayalar and Vapurtepe Mountains, esteemed symbols of the district, enchant beholders with their extraordinary beauty, particularly when adorned with a picturesque blanket of snow.

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