Step into the Wild: Starting Your Nature Tourism Adventure

Ziya Karatekin, director of Yalova Culture and Tourism, stated that the organization is attempting to increase the prominence of nature tourism in the city. Karatekin stated that it was determined that Yalova’s nature should be explained through the brand positioning approach.

Step into the Wild Starting Your Nature Tourism Adventure
Step into the Wild Starting Your Nature Tourism Adventure

“For this reason, we are working to establish the facilities needed for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, biking, paragliding, camping, caravan travel, mountaineering, and rock climbing. We ordered feasibility studies, particularly for trekking trails, to be conducted by our Directorate of Forestry, Nature Conservation, and National Parks.

Regarding the field execution of these initiatives. As part of these efforts, they plan to provide the tracks to the tourism industry in 2024. Most recently, we worked on a paragliding project through MARKA in December. Here in Yalova, there are at least four trails. In one way or another, we want these tracks prepared for paragliding. Naturally, we then want paragliding to be available to tourists via travel agents.”

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Karatekin explained that they meet once a month with the tourist industry and mentioned that at their most recent meeting, camping and caravan tourism were the main topic of discussion.

“There is a suitable ground in Yalova, but this ground needs to be made ready for nature tourism. The field must first be modified to accommodate this. We then need to arrange for travel companies to conduct trips.”

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