Best Time to Visit Turkey for Skiing

About 2 Million Visitors Visited Pamukkale Turkey

Turkey is best visited in the spring or fall. Turkey enjoys excellent weather from March to May and from September to November, when the summer crowds have left. Flights will be less expensive and hotel rates will be in the midrange during these off-peak times. Let’s dig deep into the best time to visit Turkey for skiing.

Best Time to Visit Turkey for Skiing

November through March is considered the prime season. The 900-meter-long and 250-meter-wide skiing course has a 548-meter-long ski lift that can accommodate 720 travelers each hour.

Best Time to Visit Turkey for Skiing

Located 36 kilometers south of Bursa, Uludag is a popular winter sports location in Turkey. It was named a National Park because of the diversity of its wildlife and plants. Because of its location, the Uludag Ski Resort also offers heli-skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and snow riding.

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Over 3,000 beds are found in 27 hotels, 15 of which are privately owned. There are additional stores, restaurants, cafés, theaters, and medical facilities in the neighborhood.

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