Shop Till You Drop: A Deep Dive into the Shopping in Antalya

Antalya is a shopaholic’s dream, with more than 80 vibrant markets and bazaars selling a wide range of reasonably priced handicrafts, spices, jewelry, and apparel. The Old Market in Kazim Ozalp Caddesi, which is located north of the Clock Tower, is one of these important markets. Clothes, trinkets, leather goods, carpets, gold and silver jewelry, and the best food market in the city are all available in the narrow, congested streets. Let’s explore the best places for shopping in Antalya.

Shop Till You Drop A Deep Dive into the Shopping in Antalya

Lara Street Market

About fifteen minutes from Kaleiçi is the well-known Lara Street Market, which is only open on Saturdays and resembles a flea market. It is a must-see in Antalya because it offers a wide variety of goods at discounted prices, with fresh produce, cheeses, spices, and fruits being its best-selling items. Additionally, there are a few stands offering apparel and souvenirs, the majority of which are used.


Although it’s not really a market, Antalya’s Kaleiçi is an old town and neighborhood well-known for its cobblestone lanes dotted with gift shops. These stores are well-known for stocking an assortment of handcrafted goods, including jewelry and purses, vintage clothing, exquisite paintings, and high-quality carpets. The three main avenues to visit are Atatürk, Güllük, and Cumhuriyet. Additionally, you can stroll through the neighborhood and take in its charming timber houses built in the Ottoman style.

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The Camyuva market – one of the top places to go shopping in Antalya, which is only open once a week, is a lovely place to purchase fresh produce, spices, coffee, tea, and even fish. A few stalls selling clothing, purses, sunglasses, home goods, and other items are also present. Remember to haggle for a better deal!

Manavgat Market

The Manavgat Market, the biggest indoor market in Antalya, is a place that embodies a true Turkish shopping experience. Here, there are numerous stores and kiosks offering a wide range of products, including apparel, trinkets, housewares, and food items like groceries, tea, coffee, and spices.

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