Portrait Head of Alexander: Archaeological Triumph in Duzce, Turkey

A portrait head was discovered in Düzce while archaeologists were excavating the old Konuralp city. Following an analysis by specialists in history and the Department of Excavations and Research, it was concluded that the portrait head belonged to Macedonia’s King Alexander the Great.

Portrait Head of Alexander Archaeological Triumph in Duzce, Turkey

The museum received the portrait head of Alexander that was discovered during the excavation. For the past four years, professional archaeologists have been excavating the Konuralp Ancient City in Düzce. While most of the old theater was discovered throughout the course of the excavations, other historical artifacts, like the heads of Medusa and Apollo, were discovered during the excavations conducted in the top section.

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During the excavations at the Konuralp Ancient Theater excavation area, researchers discovered a portrait head under the soil in the top section of the ancient theater area. This led to a thorough rescue excavation.

The portrait head was identified as belonging to King Alexander the Great of Macedonia after it was examined by historians and the Department of Excavations and Research after it was removed from the excavation site. It was established that the 23-centimeter-long relic dates to the second century AD, during the Roman era. The artifact from history was delivered to Konuralp Museum.

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