Shavşat, the Calm City, wears the white dress

Calm City (Cittaslow), Artvin’s Shavşat neighbourhood, awoke to the day with a white sheet. High sections of the city became white after last night’s rain. After the snowfall in the district’s yavuzköy hamlet, postcard images appeared.

Shavşat, the Calm City, wears the white dress

The natural splendour of Artvin delights the Shavşat district, which takes on a distinct charm in the winter. Shavşat, which was named “Calm City” (Cittaslow) in 2015 and welcomes visitors throughout the year, displays tones of green in the summer, orange and red in the winter, and its white bridal gown in the winter.

The largest, avşat Karagöl Lake, has trout, as well as a variety of mineral water springs. The area has a chilly inland temperature, which is moderated by the fact that it is above the Black Sea coast, although winter lasts a long period at these heights; it snows from November to April. Pine forest covers the highlands, with some broadleaf woodland at lower elevations.

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Shavşat turkey

With the white cover, the registered Shavşat houses in Yavuzköy village on the Shavşat-Ardahan route take on a new charm. The rooftops of the highland buildings, which are built around spruce, yellowwood, and fir trees and are situated among natural and old forests, were covered in snow, and the spectacular view could be seen from the air.

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