Here’s All You need to Know about Sakarya, Turkey

Sakarya is one of the Turkish regions that has recently gained popularity as a vacation spot for people who enjoy the outdoors and peace and quiet. This Marmara area city on the Black Sea coast combines an illustrious urban growth with an ancient Ottoman history symbolised by several historical sites. It developed into a vacation spot that satiated all visitor needs.

Istanbul is 148 miles away, and Ankara is 300 km away from Sakarya. Beautiful Black Sea beaches, rivers, lakes, and hot springs are all part of its natural landscape, in addition to numerous Byzantine and Ottoman-era archaeological sites.

Sakarya has seen numerous historical eras, leaving behind numerous structures that serve as reminders of these times. You can visit temples that date back to the Byzantine era there, some of which are creations of renowned architect Sinan Pasha. The top historical locations are listed below:

Justinianus Bridge

Justinianus Bridge

The bridge, which connects Constantinople, the seat of the Byzantine Empire, with the eastern provinces, was constructed over the Sakarya River 1,500 years ago and is still in use.

Harmantepe Castle

Harmantepe Castle Sakarya

The castle, which was erected by the Byzantines in the 12th century AD and is situated north of Sakarya, was constructed to thwart Turkish incursions on the Sakarya River. The castle’s walls and towers, which have five doorways and six prisons, are still standing.

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Birzar Lake

Birzar Lake Sakarya

One of Turkey’s most picturesque lakes, Birzar Lake has a nature reserve surrounding it. At the start of spring, the lake is teeming with several migratory bird species, including swan birds. The area around the lake was intended to be a park for visitors with trails for biking and strolling as well as boats for cruising the lake and taking in its beauty.

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