Sahinkaya Distinctive Perspective Propels It as the Next Tourism Hub

Situated in the Doğankaya neighborhood of the Düzköy district of Trabzon, Sahinkaya has been nominated as one of the new tourism hubs in the area.

70 Thousand Visitors Visited Sahinkaya Canyon in 3 Months

Şahinkaya, which is situated in the Doğankaya neighborhood of the Düzköy district of Trabzon, is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts in the early months of 2024, following the year 2023 that we have just left behind. With its distant castle-like appearance, surrounding pine trees, climbing and trekking paths, Şahinkaya is one of the top picks for natural sports enthusiasts in Trabzon.

Even though it’s winter, people are drawn to Şahinkaya because it offers hiking trails and is a preferred destination for mountain climbers.

A popular destination on social media, Şahinkaya offers visitors a chance to learn more about the area, particularly in the summer, when they stay in traditional chalets and visit the nearby Çal Cave. Declaring that this was his first visit to Sahinkaya and that he was quite impressed, Kemal Keleş added,

“I live in Bursa, but my hometown is Trabzon, Çarşıbaşı, where I visited for the first time. I really enjoy it, and I hope to return.”

4 Days Trabzon Tour From Istanbul

Saying he was from Istanbul, Halil Emre Uygun said,

 “I’m from Istanbul, and this is my first visit here. The view from this location is breathtaking. It’s a lot of fun, and fortunately the weather is lovely. I’ll think about returning here in the future.”

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