70 Thousand Visitors Visited Sahinkaya Canyon in 3 Months

Situated in the Vezirköprü district of Samsun Province, Turkey, Sahinkaya Canyon is one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the nation. The Kızılırmak River sculpted the canyon, which is well-liked by tourists and nature lovers alike for its striking cliffs and unusual rock formations.

70 Thousand Visitors Visited Sahinkaya Canyon in 3 Months

The area’s tranquil beauty is accentuated by the immaculate river below and the verdant surroundings. Apart from its inherent charm, the canyon is furnished with paths and observation decks, guaranteeing that guests can securely take in and record the expansive vistas of this enthralling Turkish treasure.

Situated in Samsun’s Vezirköprü district, Sahinkaya Canyon is the second-largest water canyon in Turkey and receives an increasing number of visitors each year. According to Mustafa Demir, the mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the canyon saw about 20,000 visitors during the summer of 1970.

Situated 17 kilometers from the Vezirköprü district center, Sahinkaya Canyon is notable for being the deepest and thinnest location of the Altınkaya Dam. With an average height of 350 meters and a water depth of 106 meters, the roughly 500-meter-long canyon captivates onlookers with its majesty as the Kızılırmak River meanders between precipitous cliffs.

Guests can unwind in the great outdoors at Sahinkaya Canyon thanks to the amenities offered by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Visitors can take in this area’s breathtaking scenery with the help of the Metropolitan Municipality’s ferries.

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Mayor Mustafa Demir of the Metropolitan Municipality stated,

“A record 70,420 people visited Sahinkaya Canyon in the summer of this year, with the number of visitors rising annually. “Sahinkaya Canyon has the distinction of being the second largest water canyon in Turkey.”

“A marvel of nature. Every year, there are more and more tourists. Seeing this is a must. I extend an invitation to everyone in Turkey and beyond to witness the natural marvel that is Şahinkaya Canyon.”

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