Off the Beaten Path: Discovering New Vacation Route in Turkey

The city is flooded with thousands of residents who are waiting in line to see the natural attractions. This beauty makes Muğla and Antalya seem like nothing. In that city, the new address for peace is inscribed. Its chirping birds and babbling river captivate everyone. Here’s the new vacation route in Turkey…

This natural beauty, tucked away in the Taurus Mountains, is unlike Antalya or Muğla. Everyone who sees this unspoiled beauty in a lengthy canyon is captivated. In recent years, a swarm of tourists has descended upon the natural wonder that winks at everyone in the steep and sharp rocks. Everyone now chooses to vacation here.

Çetmi Waterfall, Konya

Off the Beaten Path Discovering New Vacation Route in Turkey

Everybody who visits the Çetmi Waterfall in Konya is fascinated by it. Çetmi Waterfall is situated in the Taşkent district’s Çetmi Neighborhood and emerges from the Taurus Mountains’ secret vaults. The waterfall, which is 50 meters high and surrounded by jagged cliffs and steep rocks in the Çetmi Canyon, opens the doors to a wonderful world with several tiny and huge waterfalls.

The 50-meter-tall waterfall in the canyon provides breathtaking views throughout the four seasons. The waterfall, which falls more lushly and enthusiastically in the spring, is a sight that never gets old. The locals have been hiding the waterfall for years, but it is now open to visitors.

The Tashkent Municipality has transformed the waterfall into a pleasure area and allowed residents to take pictures there as well. Women make up the majority of the staff at the municipality-run waterfall. During the winter, local and natural items are sold, along with wood-fired pancakes, boneless trout and fish from the nearby river, churned buttermilk, tea, and other such beverages.

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Tourism at Çetmi Waterfall

Çetmi Waterfall has become a popular location for nature enthusiasts seeking solitude, drawing people from many regions like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya throughout the year. After gathering their luggage, people who want to spend time in nature during the weekdays and weekends rush to Çetmi Waterfall – the new vacation route in Turkey.

The waterfall offers a variety of activities and draws in campers, travelers, hikers, and aficionados of outdoor sports. Enjoying the chance to have a picnic is just as worthwhile as exploring the cycling and hiking trails near the waterfall.

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