No Stepping on Bricks Allowed: Your Safe Lego Factory Tour

Have you ever wondered how those millions of Lego bricks you love come to life? This guide delves into the fascinating world of Lego manufacturing with a focus on the exclusive Lego Inside Tour offered at the Billund factory in Denmark, the birthplace of Lego.

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First, we’ll explore Lego’s rich history and its significance as a global brand. Understanding the intricate Lego production process will add another layer of appreciation to your favorite building blocks.

Planning Your Lego Factory Tour

The Lego Inside Tour is a highly sought-after experience with limited availability. Here’s how to plan your adventure:

Booking: The tour is open to participants aged 12 and above. A registered adult must accompany guests between 12 and 17 years old.

Preparation: The tour includes a full day of activities, so wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Photography is allowed in designated areas, so bring your camera! Safety glasses and hairnets will be provided during the factory tour.

The Inner Workings of Lego Manufacturing

Get ready to witness the magic firsthand! The Lego Inside Tour takes you on a detailed walk-through of Lego’s production process:

  • Mold Injection: See molten plastic transformed into precise Lego brick shapes using powerful injection molding machines. Learn about the incredible pressure and temperatures involved.
  • Decoration: Explore how Lego bricks achieve their vibrant colors and intricate designs. Witness the innovative printing techniques that bring Lego creations to life.
  • Quality Control: Discover the rigorous testing procedures that ensure every Lego brick meets the brand’s exacting standards for clutch power, color consistency, and dimensional accuracy.
  • Packaging: See how Lego sets are assembled, meticulously packed, and readied for shipment to stores worldwide.

Exclusive Access Areas

The Lego Inside Tour offers a glimpse into exclusive areas:

Original Factory Floor: Witness the original factory floor where Lego’s history began, and see some of the very first Lego machines.

Lego Designers and Engineers (Optional): In rare cases, tours may offer the opportunity to interact with Lego designers and engineers, gaining insights into the creative process behind these beloved toys.

Tips for Maximizing Your Lego Factory Tour

To make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime Lego Inside Tour experience:

Due to limited availability, sign up for the Lego Inside Tour as soon as registration opens, which typically occurs in October for the following year. Spots fill up quickly, so don’t delay!

Consider booking your tour for a weekday, as weekdays are generally less crowded than weekends. This allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Photography is allowed in designated areas throughout the Lego Inside Tour. Be sure to follow any instructions provided by your tour guide regarding photo restrictions. Using flash photography during presentations or in areas with sensitive equipment is typically not permitted.

The Lego House Shop, located directly next to the factory, offers an unforgettable shopping experience. Here you’ll find a wide selection of Lego sets, including exclusives not available anywhere else in the world. You’ll also discover a variety of Lego merchandise and collectibles, perfect for commemorating your visit and bringing a piece of the Lego magic home with you.

How to Get to Lego Factory

By Plane

Billund Airport (BLL) is the closest airport, only a few kilometers from Lego House. Many airlines offer daily flights to Billund from various locations worldwide.

The quickest option – a 6-minute ride costing around 75-95 Danish Kroner (DKK) to Lego House. Take the frequent line 43 bus departing every 10 minutes from the Billund Lufthavn/Billund Airport stop. The 8-minute ride costs around 12-18 DKK and drops you at Billund Centret, a short walk from Lego House. Several car rental companies operate at Billund Airport. Renting a car provides flexibility for exploring the area beyond Lego House.

By Train

The nearest train station is Vejle Station, approximately 45 kilometers from Billund. Train travel from major Danish cities might be a good option depending on your origin and budget. The most convenient option, costing around 400-500 DKK for a 40-minute ride. Look for buses departing towards Billund Centret from Vejle Station.

By Bus

Regular bus services operate from Copenhagen and other major Danish cities to Billund. Check bus schedules and fares online for your specific route. Disembark at Billund Centret, just a short walk from Lego House.

By Car

Driving offers the most flexibility for exploring Denmark beyond Lego House. Lego House offers free parking on-site, making it a convenient option if you’re driving. Utilize GPS navigation apps or research driving directions beforehand, especially if unfamiliar with the area.

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