Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Reflects Turkish Culture and Creativity

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art has a global goal for collecting, preserving, displaying, and documenting modern and recent art, photography, design, architecture, new media, cinema and Istanbul modern exhibitions. It serves as a conduit for the exchange of Turkey’s cultural identity with the international art world. It aids artists in their works as well as their efforts to develop worldwide collaborations. Istanbul Modern offers education programmes to art enthusiasts of all ages in order to make art more approachable to the general public.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Since its establishment in 2004, Istanbul Modern has hosted seven collection exhibitions that showcase the progression and transition of modern and contemporary art in Turkey, as well as the museum’s worldwide focus. These shows highlighted both the shifting dynamics of today’s art world and the conceptual parallels of current ideas from diverse geographies through their chronological and thematic approaches. They also intended to express how art has a universal essence that transcends borders, bringing together both historical and current works.

Things to Know about Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Modern Art Museum

◊ Except for guiding dogs, pets are not permitted in the museum.

◊ In the galleries, smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited.

◊ Umbrellas, heavy bags, backpacks, and baggage should be left in the cloakroom by museum visitors.

◊ Visitors with infants in the “6 month to 4 year” age group can borrow Quinny strollers, which Grupbaby donated to Istanbul Modern. The use of the strollers is completely free.

◊ Strollers are welcome to be brought by visitors. The cloakroom has strollers available. Simply present your museum admission ticket and leave some sort of identification (ID) as a form of security.

◊ Grab your screening ticket at the museum desk for film screenings. Due to Modern Art Museum seating capacity, only a restricted number of tickets are available for each screening.

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◊ The membership officer can provide screening tickets for seats allocated for members. If members’ reserved seats are not filled by 15 minutes before the screening, they will be made accessible to guests in line after them.

◊ Please arrive 5 minutes before to the start of the screening to take your seats. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are only valid for the specific screening.

◊ On the Art Museum Istanbul grounds, only non-professional photo shoots for personal use are permitted. Videotaping is not permitted. The photographs must be shot without the use of a flash or a tripod.

How to Get to the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?


The Istanbul Modern or Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is located in the Asmalimecit section of the Beyoglu district, just off Istiklal Street. Taksim Square is 1.3 kilometres away, while Tunel Square is 600 metres away.

Heading down from Istiklal Street or up from Tunel Square is the most practical way to get to Asmalimecit district. Make your way to Taksim or Tunel Square.

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Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Visiting Hours


The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. The specific timetable is as follows: 11 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday whereas Monday is inaccessible.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Map

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Map

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