The 18th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival 2021

International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival

The 18th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival, which has made significant progress in integrating Turkish and international gastronomy, will bring international delicacies to Istanbul. Istanbul Kitchen Days, which was awarded the designation of “Continental” by the World Chefs Association (WACS) two years ago after previous successful events, gives young chefs the chance to participate on a global arena.

Cuisine Days Istanbul, Turkey world gastronomy and culture while gaining new chefs of Turkish cuisine is assuming position as a bridge for wider recognition in the globe.

The International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival 2021

The 18th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival 2021

Turkey Cooks & Chefs Federation will host the 18th Federation of International Cuisine Days in Istanbul CNR EXPO center from September 8 to 12, 2021. For the past 17 years, Turkey’s largest gastronomy contest and festival has been held. As in past years, the International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival 2021, which will actually occur with the federations and associations of the world’s top countries in the field of gastronomy, is supposed to attract a lot of attention this year.

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The Scope of the Festival

In this 18th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival 2021, chefs from Turkey and around the world will compete in more than seventy categories for medals. With his many years of Turkish federation, Turkey Cooks and Chefs contributed greatly to the organization of this vast gastronomic globe. The Turkey Cooks and Chefs Federation, as well as young chefs and pupils from new schools and comparable academic point certification programs, are fostering a world-class Turkey.

Istanbul Gastronomy Festival

The beginning point for the Turkey industry around the world, and a wonderful introduction point for national and worldwide culinary brands. Istanbul Cuisine Days provides an opportunity for businesses to identify themselves and raise brand awareness by focusing on specific areas of the festival. In terms of their own promotions, the brands that have participated in the Istanbul Kitchen Days in previous years have acquired a lot of popularity. The organization, which will be hosted in 2021 from a larger geographic area than in past years, will present a variety of promotional opportunities in this 18th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival 2021.

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