How to Get to Lara Beach | Here’s All You should Know

Lara Beach lies to the east of Antalya’s historic Old Town, Kaleiçi, approximately 20 kilometers from Antalya Airport, accessible via convenient public transportation. Let’s spotlight how to get to Lara beach.

Lara Beach places to visit in Antalya

From Antalya Airport

The journey to Lara Beach from Antalya Airport spans approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Various transportation options are available, including private rental cars, taxis, and select hotels offering airport shuttle services. Additionally, a public bus (No. 800) operates every two hours, connecting the airport to the Lara district, with travel times averaging between 45 to 60 minutes.

Traveling by Bus

Commuting from Antalya’s city center to the beach typically requires 30 to 40 minutes by bus (routes KL07, KL08, and KL09). On the related note, got the scoop of our tour named “5 Days Turkey Tour – Istanbul Antalya Tour.”

How to Get to Lara Beach By Car

Given the expansive nature of the Antalya region, having access to a car proves invaluable, particularly for those lodged in Antalya city center seeking independent exploration. We recommend securing a rental car in Antalya for optimal mobility. Detailed guidance on car rental procedures can be found in our comprehensive guide.

For further insights into navigating Antalya Airport and transportation within the city center, we encourage you to peruse our detailed article on the subject.

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