What is Healthy Food

What is Food?

Food is such a requirement that aids our body for support, functioning and restoration. The kind of Healthy Food you are tending to eat can impact the effectiveness and working of these processes. This impact can be optimistic or adverse; thus, it is very much vital for us to be mindful on the part of the purpose of eating and the item(s) being eaten.

Healthy Food list



Eating apples supports human beings to get antioxidants that fight what we call free radicals – harmful elements produced in human body cause in objectionable changes. A leeway in one’s lifetime is stimulatingly related with the use of apples.


blue Healthy Food

Occupied with antioxidants and fiber blueberries can help with regard to the deterrence of diseases and to convey smoothness in the working of human body.


oranges Healthy Food

A Healthy Food: Oranges, like blueberries, entail fiber and antioxidants. These are filled with vitamin C. Orange juice has its own taste and nourishment.


strawberries Healthy Food

Strawberries, in addition to have vitamin C, are delicious food to eat. People frequently use it in their making of shake – Strawberry shake.

God has granted human with countless foods which man use for several purposes. Henceforth, it will productive to discover the forms of food in a wider sense.

Types of Food

As the essential understandings concerning food has been recognized, it will be essential to get mindful of the chief clusters of food. Four clusters of food are there which one must have for a durable life relishing good health. These broad clusters are:


Oxygen, hydrogen and carbon are constituents carbohydrate is made up of. These elements, which involve starches and sugars, are used in the body for energy production. Plant sources, mostly, are used to gain carbohydrates.


Proteins, just like carbohydrates, are composed of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon with an addition of nitrogen. Proteins, not always, cover phosphorus and Sulphur as well. Our body uses proteins for the development, configuration building (organs, tissues and muscles) and refurbishment.


Fats are recognized as the ingredients that are unresolvable in water. Glycerol and acids are what fats involve. Fats are interchangeably used as ‘lipids’.


The constituents involved in the diet for human ease and sustenance are what vitamins are composed of. Classification, on the part of vitamins, is made as water-resolvable and fat-resolvable. Water-resolvable vitamins include vitamin C & B while fat-resolvable vitamins cover vitamin A, D, E & K.

Unquestionably, various areas are well-known for their food stuffs. Among such blessed zones of the world, Turkey maintains its own point. Turkish food items are world-famous because of its dynamic troposphere and climate. Thus, I propose you to relish the astonishing foods obtainable in Turkey while you are on your tour.

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Eventually, our earth is full of such foods about which you are to be mindful regarding what your physical state is and what you need to eat.

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