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3 Days Konya And Cappadocia Tour

3 Days Konya And Cappadocia Tour -Travel Store Turkey 2018 Our 3 Days Konya And Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul round trip by plane, Small group day tours and hotel reservation. Multi day tours for Cappadocia and Konya. 3 day Turkey Tour from Istanbul with and optional hot air balloon ride reservations.

Daily Departure All Year Round


Devrent Valley



Goreme town

Open air museum

Kaymakli underground city

Love valley

Uchisar town

Konya City Centre

Mevlana Mausoleum

Selimiye Mosque


Cauvusin Village

Ortahisar town

Rose Valley

Uchisar Castle


Pidgeon Valley

The Underground City

The Ihlara Valley

Day 1
Istanbul-Cappadocia by plane and day trip for Southern Cappadocia -Green Tour(L)

Early morning we will pick you up from the hotel and transfer to the airport for one hour flight to Cappadocia , Upon arrival Cappadocia and we will meet you at the airport with your name and transfer to hotel or our office in Goreme town.

09:30 Departure for daily South (Green Tour) Cappadocia tour.

You will see, Pidgeon Valley, the Underground City of Derinkuyu after keep going on to the Ihlara Valley, Glenn grave along the countryside. Amazing crag settling date back to Christian times, Then Selime Monastery and some any different areas in the region.By the end of the tour transfer to hotel.

Day 2
Day trip for Northern Cappadocia and 3 Hour bus trip to Konya (B,L)

Highly recommend hot air Balloon ride between 05:00 a.m to 08:00 a.m. 09:30 pickup from hotel after breakfast and departure for daily North (Red Tour) Cappadocia tour. You will see Uchisar Castle, Göreme Open Air Museum, Devrent Valley with its animal and fairytale as rock creations, the old towns of Ürgüp and Avanos known for its red clay pottery. By the end of the tour transfer to hotel. Pick up from hotel and transfer to Bus for 3 hour trip to Konya, Upon arrive in Konya we will will transfer you to hotel in citry Centre. Free time and overnight in Konya

Day 3
Day trip for Konya and Catalhoyuk /Flight from Konya to Istanbul (B,L)

09:00 Pick up from the hotel after breakfast and departure for full day Konya and Catalhoyuk tour.

we will visit.. Konya City Centre Mevlana Museum and Mousoleum, Selimiye Mosque, Panoramic City tour and lunch in authentic Resteurant. After lunch we drive to Catalhoyuk. Catalhoyuk is located overlooking the Konya Plain, southeast of the present-day city of Konya (ancient Iconium) in Turkey, approximately 140 km (87 mi) from the twin-coned volcano of Mount Hasan. The eastern settlement forms a mound which would have risen about 20 m (66 ft) above the plain at the time of the latest Neolithic occupation. There is also a smaller settlement mound to the west and a Byzantine settlement a few hundred meters to the east. The prehistoric mound settlements were abandoned before the Bronze Age. A channel of the Çarşamba river once flowed between the two mounds, and the settlement was built on alluvial clay which may have been favourable for early agriculture.

The site was first excavated by James Mellaart in 1958. He later led a team which excavated there for four seasons between 1961 and 1965. These excavations revealed this section of Anatolia as a centre of advanced culture in the Neolithic period. Mellaart was banned from Turkey for his involvement in the Dorak affair in which he published drawings of supposedly important Bronze Age artifacts that later went missing. Excavation revealed 18 successive layers of buildings signifying various stages of the settlement and eras of history. The bottom layer of buildings signifies as early as 7500 BC while the top layer is of 5,600 B.C

By the end of the tour transfer to Konya airport for one hour flight back to Istanbul, Upon arrive in Istanbul, we will meet you at the aiport with your name and transfer to hotel.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Round trip flight tickets with taxes
  • All airport transfers
  • 3 Day tour (Tour guide,Lunch,transportation (max 15 pax) and all entrance fees
  • 1 Night Cave Boutique hotel with breakfast
  • 1 Night hotel in Konya city centre with breakfast
  • Vegetarian Meal available
  • Domestic Tax
  • All meals mentioned in the itinerary (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner)

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Tips
3 Days Konya And Cappadocia Tour

All About 3 Days Turkey Tour – Konya And Cappadocia Tour


Cappadocia Tour, Turkey is the historic area of central Anatolia bounded by the towns of Hacıbektas, Aksaray, Nigde and Kayseri. It was known as Cappadocia in ancient times, and is still called Kapadokya informally today.Cappadocia is Turkey’s most visually striking region, especially the “moonscape” area around the towns of Ürgüp, Göreme, Uçhisar, Avanos and Mustafapaşa (Sinasos), where erosion has formed caves, clefts, pinnacles, “fairy chimneys” and sensuous folds in the soft volcanic rock.Although the volcanic landscape can appear inhospitable, the mineral-rich soil is excellent for growing vegetables and fruits, making Cappadocia a rich agricultural region. It has always been one of Anatolia’s prime grape-growing areas, and still boasts many productive vineyards and wineries.

The Bible’s New Testament tells of Cappadocia, but in fact this part of central Anatolia has been important since Hittite times, long before the time of Jesus.

Prime activities here are visiting the historic painted cave churches of the many monastic valleys (especially the Göreme Valley and Zelve Valley), flying in a hot-air balloon at dawn above the incredible landscape, hiking the volcanic valleys (especially the Rose Valley [Güllüdere]), and spending the night in a comfortable cave hotel room with all the modern comforts.

For an excellent full-day excursion, drive to the surprising underground cities at Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı and the formerly Ottoman-Greek mountain town of Güzelyurt before taking a hike of several hours in the Ihlara Valley.

You may also want to spend a half-day hiking the less-visited Soğanlı Valleys of southern Cappadocia, south of Mustafapaşa.

Cappadocia was known as Hatti in the late Bronze Age, and was the country of the Hittite force focused at Hattusa. After the fall of the Hittite Empire, with the decrease of the Syro-Cappadocians after their thrashing by the Lydian lord Croesus in the sixth century, Cappadocia was ruled by a kind of medieval gentry, abiding in solid palaces and keeping the laborers in a servile condition, which later made them well-suited to outside servitude. It was incorporated into the third Persian satrapy in the division set up by Darius however kept on being administered by leaders of its own, none evidently incomparable over the entire nation and all pretty much tributaries of the Great King.

Kingdom of Cappadocia

In the wake of closure the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great attempted to administer the zone through one of his military officers. In any case, Ariarathes, a Persian noble, some way or another got to be ruler of the Cappadocians. As Ariarathes I (332–322 BC), he was a fruitful ruler, and he developed the fringes of the Cappadocian Kingdom to the extent to the Black Sea. The kingdom of Cappadocia lived in peace until the demise of Alexander. The past domain was then partitioned into numerous parts, and Cappadocia tumbled to Eumenes. His cases were made great in 322 BC by the official Perdiccas, who executed Ariarathes; however in the disagreements which realized Eumenes’ demise, Ariarathes II, the received child of Ariarathes I, recouped his legacy and left it to a line of successors, who generally bore the name of the author of the administration.

Persian homesteaders in the Cappadocian kingdom, cut off from their co-religionists in Iran legitimate, kept on honing Zoroastrianism. Strabo, watching them in the main century B.C., records (XV.3.15) that these “flame kindlers” had numerous “blessed spots of the Persian Gods”, and additionally fire temples. Strabo besides relates, were “imperative fenced in areas; and in their middle there is a sacred place, on which there is a huge amount of fiery debris and where the magi keep the flame ever burning.”

Under Ariarathes IV, Cappadocia came into relations with Rome, first as an adversary embracing the reason for Antiochus the Great, then as an associate against Perseus of Macedon. The lords henceforward put their support behind the Republic as against the Seleucids, to whom they had been occasionally tributary. Ariarathes V walked with the Roman proconsul Publius Licinius Crassus Dives Mucianus against Aristonicus, a petitioner to the throne of Pergamon, and their strengths were demolished (130 BC). The imbroglio which took after his passing at last prompted impedance by the rising force of Pontus and the interests and wars which finished in the disappointment of the dynasty.


Konya, 261 km (162 miles) south of Ankara, is Turkey’s city of Whirling Dervishes, and has been for 800 years.

Located right on the ancient Silk Road, Konya has lots to see and do, a number of good hotels, and transport is easy.

Located about three hours’ drive south of Ankara, it’s an extremely old city, its roots going back to the days of the Hittites, who called it Kuwanna. As a Roman city, it was Iconium. Today it is the most religiously conservative city in Turkey—and proud of it.

The reason to visit Konya is to see the Mevlana Museum which shelters the tomb of Jelaleddin Rumî (1207-1273), known to his followers as Mevlana (or Rumî), a Muslim poet and mystic and one of the great spiritual thinkers and teachers of all time.

Konya was the capital of the Seljuk Turkish Sultanate of Rum (“ROOM,” that is, Rome) which flourished in Central Anatolia from 1071 to 1275. The Seljuks built numerous caravansarays along the Silk Road between Cappadocia and Konya, and beyond.

Seljuk architecture is outstanding, and numerous great Seljuk buildings—mosques and theological seminaries mostly—are Konya’s pride and joy.

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  • Cappadocia, Konya
  • 3 days
  • As mentioned in itinerary (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner)
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  • Cultural Tour,Road Cycling,Hot Air Balloon riding,Turkish Night,Turkish Bath,Whirling Dervish Show
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