Fairytale Journey with the Eastern Express: Once Upon the Rails

The fairytale journey with the Eastern Express, which leaves from Kars and arrives in Ankara in around twenty-four hours, is a popular attraction among both domestic and foreign travelers.

Fairytale Journey with the Eastern Express Once Upon the Rails

Winter seasons are full for the Eastern Express and Touristic Eastern Express services, which transport travelers from Kars to Ankara while showcasing distinctive scenery and are popular with persons aged 7 to 70.

After passing through Erzurum, Erzincan, Sivas, Kayseri, and Kırıkkale, in that order, the Eastern Express departs from Kars and travels 310 kilometers to reach Ankara, providing its passengers with an amazing experience. Declaring their fondness for Kars, the locals said,

“We visited Kars and had a great time there. We found Çıldır, with its history and all, to be quite appealing. We visited Sarıkamış for skiing. We are now anticipating our train journey.”

Unfolding their views regarding fairytale journey with the Eastern Express and intense curiosity regarding Kars, the residents said,

“We were quite interested in Kars. As a family, we arrived as a unit. We enjoyed it very much and were just as satisfied as we were intrigued. We want to return here during a more favorable season.”

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Reminding everyone that the mention of Kars evokes thoughts of snow and the Eastern Express, the inhabitants stated,

“The Eastern Express and snow spring to mind when one mentions Kars. We occasionally journey with the Touristic Eastern Express from Ankara to Kars. We occasionally transport our clients in the opposite way via the Eastern or Touristic Eastern Express from Kars, in accordance with the timetables of our agencies.”

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